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feel fit & slim

Sweat More

Sauna Shapers has been in the shape and sweat business for over 20 years and designed a shapewear top that delivers where it counts to tuck in your tummy, shape your waist, and tone up your top.

Bye-Bye Rolls

Sauna Shapers targets those stubborn rolls (that we all have) by raising your body temperature and making you sweat. Rolls be gone!

#1 Weight Loss Tank

Stimulates sweat and boosts natural body heat during any type of physical activity. Simple science!

Instant Results

Specially designed as slimming shapewear, Sauna Shapers will help burn the fat while giving you a slimmer physique instantly!

Burn More Calories

The Sauna Effect

As your body temperature rises, the result is increased caloric burn and water weight loss through sweat.

Product title $99.00
Product title $99.00

Customers seem to like us

I LOVEEE sauna shapers, already lost 5 pounds trining with it and I'm just in love!

Aisha Morin

I feel that my skin is glowy and I've recovered that texture that I've lost over the years. I feel much more energized and healthy, absolutely love it!

Laura Muller

It feels like every time I'm wearing it, I'm putting in twice the workout with less effort.

Emma Taylor

My bloating is going away with this tank, it's amazing! Just starting to see my abs coming :)

Emily Dalak

A lot less effort for more visible results, it's anyones dream come true

Valeria Morelli

It was very light and no one noticed I was wearing it under my shirt

Mark Fisher