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Essential List of Superfoods

There are eight essential amino acids they are: 

#1 = Tryptophan which reduces anxiety and depression, helps with migraines, helps the immune system, reduces heart spasms, it is also a natural relaxant and aids in normal sleep, taken with Lysine it reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. 

#2 = Lysine improves formation of bone cartilage and connective tissues, it aids in the absorption of calcium, it aids in the production of enzymes, hormones and the production of antibodies that help fight diseases and illness. 

#3 = Methionine is the supplier of sulfur which prevents problems with hair, nails and skin. Methionine aids in the liver's production of lecithin, reduces liver fat and helps protect the kidneys. Methionine also aids in reducing bladder irritations and infections and promotes hair growth. 


#4 = Phenylalaine keeps you awake and alert, it is used in the brain to produce a chemical that transmits signals between the brain and the nerve cells, phenylalaine helps to improve your memory and also reduces hunger pains. 

#5 = Threonine aids in digestion and intestinal tract functions; it also helps reduce liver fat. 

#6 = Valine calms emotions and aids with mental vigor; it also aids with muscle coordination. 

#7 and #8 work together; they are Leucine and Isoleucine, they help to produce essential biochemical components in the body, production of energy, stimulate the brain and aid with alertness. 

There are also non-essential amino acids, why they are called non-essential is some what of a mystery, since all of them are needed for different biochemical reactions in the body as you will see. 

Arginine improves immune response, promotes wound healing, aids in regeneration of the liver, and is needed for muscle growth. 

Tyrosine aids in healthy functioning of the thyroid and pituitary glands, helps to improve memory and transmits impulses to the brain. 

Glycine is required during cell production to release oxygen, it also aids in the production of essential hormones in the immune system. 

 Serine is essential in storing glucose in the muscles and liver, also aids in the immune system and produces a fatty acid cover to protect nerve fibers. 

Aspartic acid aids in the removal of ammonia from the body. Ammonia is toxic to the body and aspartic acid helps to protect our body from the poison until it is expressed through the urine. 

Glutamic acid helps improve mental capacities, aids in healing ulcers and helps with fatigue. 

Alanine is a source of energy for the muscles, brain and nervous system. Alanine produces antibodies that help the immune system. 

Cystine is an anti-oxidant and aids in the protection against pollutants, it can help slow the aging process, it is necessary in the production of skin. 

Proline is vital in the functioning of joints, and helps to strengthen the heart muscle. 

Taurine is necessary in the removal of free-radical waste from the body, it is a factor that is necessary for changes that take place during aging. 

Histidine is found in the blood, it is used to treat several diseases such as RA, (rheumatoid arthritis) ulcers, and anemia. These are just a few of the amino acids that are essential in your diet for better health. 

It is very important that you choose foods that are rich in amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals for your health.