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Habits that boosts your metabolism

Habits that Boosts your metabolism

A useful and organic way of boosting your metabolism is by eating certain foods or acquiring certain habits regarding nutrition. So, we´re going to give you a few tips to boost the metabolism via habits and activities you can perform in your daily routine

  1. Have enough amount of protein at each meal

When you eat you boost your metabolism for a few hours, This is called the Thermic effect of food that causes an increment in metabolic rate.

When you The element that causes the highest rise (from 15% to 30%) in Thermic effect of food are proteins, then followed by carbs and lastly fats; which makes you burn more calories and aids weight loss.

  1. Drink bigger amounts of cold water

Replacing sugary drinks with cold water makes weight loss much easier. Drinking water accelerates your metabolism temporarily and studies made have shown that drinking 0.5L of water you increase your metabolism from 10% to 30%. Also, studies have shown that people who drink 0.5L of water a day lose 44% more weight (It´s recommendable to drink water before every meal to reduce appetite).

  1. Set up high-intensity workouts

High-Intensity workouts help burn fat faster and increase the metabolic rate, this helps you maintain a high rate even after finishing the workout which will cause your body to burn fat even when you´re not doing physical activity.

  1. Drink green tea

Green tea has shown in different studies to increase metabolic rate from 4% to 5% and aid conversion of fat into proteins that aid fat burn.

  1. Sleep enough

Something that most people don´t know is that sleep is fundamental in the weight loss process. This is caused because lack of sleep affects the hunger hormone and is linked with high levels of blood sugar level.