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Why routines and planning give you more freedom

There’s a common misconception that having routines in your life will mean a loss of freedom because you are bound to a schedule. The truth of the matter is that routines actually give you more freedom and save you time and effort.

Factories, multinational companies, schools, and even circus acts have tons of planning and routines. The reason for that is to minimize errors, improve performance and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When you’re trying to lose weight, planning your weight loss will help you progress faster, and sticking to a routine will mean less chances of slipping up. In this article, we’ll look at how and why you should plan your weight loss and stick to the plan by following a fixed routine.


  • Helps you to stay on track

Planning your meals in advance will allow you to know how many calories you’re consuming, what time you’ll eat and so on. Knowing what days and times you will exercise will mean going to the gym according to schedule instead of trying to make time to exercise.

It’s all planned out. All you need to do is work the plan.


  • Less decision fatigue

When you have a routine and stick to it daily, you become more productive and better at what you do. More importantly, with plans and routines you’ll spend less energy thinking about what to eat or when you should exercise and so on.

All this constant thinking and decision making saps your energy without you even realizing it. Since energy is finite, you’re better off conserving it for more productive work.


  • Builds good habits

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Guess what you repeatedly do? 

Your routine. That’s what. By following a fixed routine every day that involves exercise, eating clean, de-stressing, working and other important stuff, you’ll be forming good habits that you carry with you to the grave.

You’ll become excellent at what you do. Eating right and exercising will become as normal as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You seldom give these activities much thought because they have become second nature to you.

With a routine, exercise and eating right become as normal as breathing. You’ll no longer need to force yourself to comply with the diet or drag yourself to the gym.


  • No more excuses

When you have a routine, you no longer have a chance to make excuses. It’s all on paper for you to see and acts as an invisible accountability partner.

If your schedule says that you need to exercise from 5pm to 5.30pm on Saturday, you shouldn’t be on the couch watching TV. You should be at the gym or the track. If you’re not following the routine, you’ll need to work on your discipline.


  • Helps you achieve your goals

The goal of a plan and a routine is to simplify your weight loss journey and get you to your destination. You can’t reach the finish line if you don’t have a map. 

Routines will help you do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing them. Just following the routine mindlessly in the beginning alone can help you make tremendous progress.

Over time, you’ll find that things get easier and you actually get into the swing of things easily. Once you reach this stage, things will be smooth sailing for the most part. Resistance will be less of an issue and you’ll achieve your goals in time to come.